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Industry Retail
Founded 1976
Founder Napoleon and Kay Barragan
Headquarters key_people =, Hicksville, New York, USA
Products Bedding
Owner homepage = 1800mattress.com
Parent Steinhoff International (Mattress Firm)
Website www.1800mattress.com

1800Mattress.com (formerly known as 1-800-Mattress, Dial-A-Mattress and Dial-A-Mattress Operating Corps) is an American bedding retailer headquartered in Hicksville, New York and famous for its ads that used the slogan "leave off the last S for savings" (since the word "mattress" has 8 letters and only 7 are necessary for the phoneword).[1][2][2]


1800mattress.com was founded as Dial-A-Mattress in 1976 by furniture store employee Napoleon Barragan. His idea for the business was inspired by an advertisement for Dial-A-Steak, a business that sold meat over the telephone.[2][3] [4] From its beginnings as a basement operation, 1979 saw the first Dial-A-Mattress ads on television[2] and in October 1988, Dial-A-Mattress started promoting their toll-free 800 number in broadcast ads. Having quickly eclipsed the furniture store where Barragan originally worked,[5] the company went national in 1994 and later the name was changed to 1-800-Mattress corresponding with the familiar "1-800-Mattress" jingle written by Andy Vallario, the President and chief creative officer of Media Results, Inc. Part of the company's growth was spurred by referrals and a familiarity with the brand, largely due to the catchy jingle and brand awareness.[6]

In 2005, near the company's peak when it was the leading bedding telemarketing company in the US, 1800mattress had more than 300 employees with annual sales in excess of $100 million. It had nearly 50 showrooms and 250 distributors nationwide.[2] On March 23, 2009, 1-800-Mattress filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection pending a proposed merger with former rival, Sleepy's[7] and later that year the merger was completed and 1-800-Mattress officially became 1800Mattress.com. In 2015, Sleepy's was acquired from Mattress Firm for $780 million. While Sleepy's retail stores became Mattress Firm, 1800Mattress.com still exists to this day.[8] In March 2016, Mattress Firm appointed Ken Murphy as its new CEO.[9][10]

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