1818 (film)

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Directed by Rithun Sagar
Starring Trisha
Rajendra Prasad
Ramesh Thilak
Music by Thaman
Cinematography Om Prakash
Country India
Language Tamil

1818 is an upcoming bilingual Indian thriller film directed by Rithun Sagar being shot in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously.[1]Inspired by the events of the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the film features Trisha in the lead role, with Brahmanandam and Rajendra Prasad in supporting roles. The venture began production in May 2015, though Trisha's addition in 2017 prompted reworking of the script.



Newcomer director Rithun Sagar announced the film, initially titled Thudi in May 2015, citing that it would be an "edge-of-the-seat thriller which takes place inside a five star hotel", where the story starts "at 6 pm and ends at 6 am the next day".[2] The project was launched at Prasad Labs in late May with Abhinaya, Prerna Khanna, Suman, Brahmanandam, Ramesh Thilak and Nalini revealed to be playing important roles. Jointly produced by Rithun Sagar and G. Lakshmi under Mindraama banner, the film was announced to have music scored by Natasha Aadhitya.[3] Production began in July 2015, with Abhinaya cast as a hotel receptionist and Suman appearing as an international don.[4]

In January 2017, Rithun Sagar revealed that Trisha would join the film's cast and subsequently raise the profile of the project. Ramesh Thilak revealed that the film had been reworked, and that he would play a hotel worker and Trisha would play a guest at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.[5][6]


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