1820 English cricket season

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1820 English cricket season

1820 was the 34th season of cricket in England since the foundation of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). Fuller Pilch made his first known appearance at Lord's. 1820 also sees the earliest mention of wicket-keeping gloves.[citation needed]


William Ward scored 278 for MCC against Norfolk at Lord's, the first known double century and a new world record for the highest individual innings in all forms of cricket, beating James Aylward's score of 167 in 1777. Opinion about the match's status is divided and Aylward continued to hold the record in first-class cricket until 1826.

According to Wisden, the original Northamptonshire County Cricket Club was founded in 1820. The current club dates its formation to 1878 following a substantial reorganisation.[citation needed]

Relatively few matches which have been given retrospective first-class cricket status are recorded in 1820:

In addition, on 24 July, MCC played Norfolk at Lord's[3] in a match which is not regarded as first-class by some authorities.[4]

William Ward made the highest number of first-class runs in the season with 361, including a highest score of 278.[citation needed] George Coles is recorded as the leading wicket taker with 17.[citation needed][5]


Known 1820 debutants included:


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