1829 (board game)

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1829 (South)
Players 2-9
Setup time 10 minutes
Playing time 6 hours
Random chance None
Skill(s) required Strategy

1829 (South) is a railroad operations and share-trading board game in the 18xx series, first published by Hartland Trefoil Ltd (UK) in 1974 from an original design by Francis Tresham, but is now out of print. 1829 (South) is based on railroading in southern England and Wales and became the first game in the 18xx series, with the basic game design now licensed to companies such as Mayfair Games and Hans im Glück. The game is also the inspiration for Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon series.

Game structure[edit]

1829 (South) is a turn-based multiplayer game where the only element of luck involved is in determining the initial play order.

Second version[edit]

A second version of the game known as 1829 (North) was published by Francis Tresham in 1981 and covers railroading in Northern England and Southern Scotland.


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