Peninsula Catholic High School

'Peninsula' Catholic High School is a college preparatory regional school of the Diocese of Richmond located in Newport News, which offers grades 8 through 12. It is a member of the National Catholic Educational Association and is accredited byAdvancED. Peninsula Catholic High School was founded in 1903 as St. Vincent de Paul School for girls by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fortune Ryan, who donated significant funds and the original school building in downtown Newport News, it was renamed Peninsula Catholic High school in 1966 by Bishop Russell, in the belief that the name should reflect all supporting parishes. The school opened a new facility in the fall of 1995 on Harpersville Road. In 2015 a $2.1 million athletic complex was completed. Since the 1984-85 school year, Peninsula Catholic has been under lay administration. 65% of Peninsula Catholic students are Catholic. There is a 30% minority enrollment; the Peninsula Catholic Alma Mater is set to the tune "Annie Lisle" a popular 1857 Ballad by H. S. Thompson.

The tune is one of the most popular "alma mater tunes" and has been adopted by many Schools and Universities as settings for their alma maters, including The College of William and Mary, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Cornell University. The Lyrics of the Alma Mater: Hail to thee our Alma Mater, Praise for blue and white, Ever loyal to Peninsula Catholic, Onward in the Fight. Faith and Courage is our motto, Ever it shall be, We, the Students of Peninsula Catholic, Strive for Victory. Faith in Jesus, spread by spirit, Bringing light through deed. Strength through valor and honor, Serving those in need; the Newport News Japanese School, a weekend Japanese school, holds its classes at Peninsula Catholic. John Patrick "Pat" Giguere, namesake of the John P. Giguere Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron of the Year and posthumously awarded the silver star for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action" while serving as an Attack Helicopter Commander of the AH-1T Cobra Attack Helicopter in Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE, Twenty-Second Marine Amphibious Unit during combat operations on the Island of Grenada in support of Operation URGENT FURY, on 25 October 1983.

Robert Banks is a former NFL defensive end. First player in Virginia state history to earn Associated Press All-State honors on both sides of the ball for two consecutive seasons. Jack Morrissey, Hollywood producer and host of the Smodcast podcast with movie-maker Kevin Smith. Vince Sherman, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Moody's Shared Services, Inc. Billy Fallon, owner of Billy Bread, Richmond, VA, co-establisher of Richmond's 2013 Restaurant of the Year, Aziza's. David E. Yancey elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2011, he represents the 94th district in Newport News. Bobby McKenna and illustrator of the Vine app for Twitter. Peninsula Catholic High School - Official website. - Faculty - Contact Information

William Killigrew (1606–1695)

Sir William Killigrew of Kempton Park, was an English court official under Charles I and Charles II. He was the son of Sir Robert Killigrew and Mary Woodhouse, of Kimberley, his wife, he was the elder brother to Thomas Killigrew. He married Mary Hill and they had seven children, of whom only sons Robert and William survived their father. Killigrew was knighted in May 1626, he was elected MP for Penryn, Cornwall in March 1628, but only sat for the latter. In 1629, he and his father were jointly awarded the Governorship of Pendennis Castle. However, after some trouble, he resigned in favour of Sir Nicholas Slanning in April 1635. In 1634, he granted a 99-year lease of 6 shares of land in Hamilton Tribe of Bermuda to his uncle, Henry Woodhouse, former governor of Bermuda; the rent was nominal – 100 oranges, 100 lemons and 100 potatoes, payable at the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – but Woodhouse did not keep up the payments. In 1637, Killigrew reclaimed the land. With partners, he attempted to drain an immensely expensive undertaking.

During the English Civil War he gave effective support to the King. In 1646 he presented himself to the directors of the Levant Company and insisted that he was the king's choice as ambassador to Constantinople, his candidacy was not considered. At the Restoration he was made an influential and well-rewarded post. In 1663 Killigrew published A proposal, shewing how this nation may be vast gainers by all the sums of money, given to the Crown... in which he advocated that the government issue £2m in transferable bonds with the interest being covered by a yearly tax of £300k. The bonds would be for denominations between £5 and £100 in the smaller denominations; the state would provide a regulatory framework to avoid fraud and ensure they were accepted as legal tender. The proposal was implemented by Secretary of the Treasury, George Downing, who started issuing Treasury Orders, he hoped to side step the financial power of the goldsmith bankers. However, by 1672 most of the orders were in the hands of a handful of such bankers, so ended up increasing their power.

From 1664 to 1679 he was Member of Parliament for Richmond in Yorkshire. He was the author of four plays of some merit; the four dramas, with their dates of publication, are: Ormasdes, or Love and Friendship Pandora, or the Converts Selindra The Siege of Urbin. The tragicomedy The Siege of Urbin has been considered his best play. Poet Edmund Waller addressed verses to Killigrew on the subject of Pandora, which indicate that the play was a tragedy; this article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed.. "Killigrew, Thomas". Encyclopædia Britannica. 15. Cambridge University Press. P. 796