1830s in association football

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The following are the association football events in the 1830s decade. All events are English unless specified otherwise.


  • 1838 – A pupil at Rugby School called Jem Mackie is noted for his “running in” ability and this is understood to be the equivalent of try scoring, which is evidence of a distinct handling game.
  • 1839 – A former Rugby School pupil, Albert Pell, begins to organise football matches at Cambridge University. Because of the different school variations, a compromise set of rules has to be found and this is the origin of The Cambridge Rules published in 1863.
  • 1839 – It is claimed that the foundation of Barnes Rugby Football Club is in 1839 but without actual evidence. If the claim is true, Barnes is the world’s oldest football club (all codes).[1][2]


  • 1831, 15 November – Alexander Morten, English and Scottish national team goalkeeper


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