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1835 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.



  • Still trying to resolve the English Championship title issue, James Burke has two scheduled fights but neither can take place. First, Harry Preston refuses to fight him; and then Young Langan is arrested on the eve of his fight for assaulting a police officer.[1]
  • 21 July — in a non-title bout between two future contenders, Ben Caunt is disqualified for an alleged foul, striking William "Bendigo" Thompson when Thompson is sitting in his corner.[2]



if the hand be above the shoulder in the delivery, the umpire must call "No Ball".
  • Bowlers’ hands now go above the shoulder and the 1835 Law must be reinforced in 1845 by removing benefit of the doubt from the bowler in the matter of his hand's height when delivering the ball.
  • The Laws are also changed to enforce a compulsory follow on if a team is 100 runs behind on first innings.


Horse racing[edit]



The Boat Race


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