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1839 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.



  • 12 February — William "Bendigo" Thompson defeats James Burke, who is disqualified for head butting.[1]
  • Jem Ward finally relinquishes his claim to the English Championship title and awards a championship belt to Bendigo.[1]
  • Bendigo suffers a serious knee injury while doing somersaults during a celebration and cannot fight again for several years.[1]
  • The English title is again disputed and claims to it are made by Burke, Ben Caunt and Nicholas Ward, brother of Jem Ward.[1]






  • A former Rugby School pupil, Albert Pell, begins organising football matches at Cambridge University. Because of the different school variations, a compromise set of rules has to be found and this is the origin of the famous Cambridge Rules that will be published in 1863.
  • It is claimed that Barnes RFC is founded in 1839 but there is no actual evidence. If the claim is true, Barnes is the world's oldest football club (all codes).

Horse racing[edit]


  • The 1839 Grand National is acknowledged to be the first official running of the race, the three earlier races being termed the Great Liverpool Steeplechase



The Boat Race

Other events


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