183rd Cavalry Regiment (United States)

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183rd Cavalry Regiment
183rd Infantry COA.png
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Army National Guard
Motto(s)Death to Tyrants
ColorsBlue, red, and gray.
Distinctive unit insignia
US Army 183rd Cavalry Reg DUI.png
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The 183rd Cavalry Regiment is a cavalry regiment of the United States Army, Virginia Army National Guard. The 183rd Cavalry was established as the 183rd Infantry Regiment and was reflagged as a cavalry regiment in 2006. The 2nd Squadron, 2-183, is a maneuver element in the 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.


The 183rd Infantry Regiment was activated in 1920 following the end of World War I.[1] It was a part of the 91st Infantry Brigade in the Virginia National Guard alongside the 116th Infantry Regiment. The 183rd was redesignated the 1st Virginia Infantry, but soon reverted to its old name in 1922, and became a part of the 29th Infantry Division. The regiment participated in training maneuvers with the Virginia Guard until the United States became involved in World War II. The 183rd was broken up and provided men to various other units. After the war, in 1959, the 1st Battalion, 183rd Infantry was reactivated as the 1st Squadron, 183rd Armor Regiment, and served as the 29th Infantry Division's reconnaissance squadron until later deactivation.[1]

The Infantry/Armor regiment was reactivated as the 2nd Squadron, 183rd Cavalry Regiment on 11 February 2006. It was assigned to the 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the 29th Infantry Division.[2] The new squadron was given the mission of providing reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (or RSTA) for the brigade, and acted as the "eyes and ears" of brigade's commander. From September 2007 to May 2008, the squadron conducted security operations in Kuwait and Southern Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.[3] In August 2011, the 2-183 Cavalry deployed to Iraq again where they conducted convoy security operations under the name of Task Force 183. With 825 members, this was the largest deployment of Virginia National Guard soldiers since World War II.[3] They returned home in December 2011.[4]

The 183rd Infantry Regiment also became the 183rd Regiment during the reorganization, and facilitates the Virginia Army National Guard's RTI (Regional Training Institute) at Fort Pickett, Virginia. Colonel James A. Zollar became commander of the RTI in June 2016.[5]

Current Structure[edit]

2nd Squadron, 183rd Cavalry Regiment[6]

183rd Regiment (Regional Training Institute)[5]

  • 1st Battalion; Fort Pickett
  • 2nd Battalion; Fort Pickett
  • 3rd Battalion; Fort Pickett


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