1841 English cricket season

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1841 English cricket season

1841 was the 55th season of cricket in England since the foundation of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). The official foundation of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club is dated 1841 although the club may already have been in existence since 1835 as a county-wide expansion of the old Nottingham Cricket Club.

Important matches[edit]


March/April. Formal creation of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. The exact date has been lost and it is possible that an informal county club may have been created in 1835 out of the old Nottingham town club.

Leading batsmen[edit]

Leading batsmen were: CG Taylor, TA Anson, J Guy, A Mynn, EG Wenman, B Good, C Hawkins, FP Fenner.

Leading bowlers[edit]

Alfred Mynn was the leading wicket-taker with 94.

Other leading bowlers were: FW Lillywhite, WR Hillyer, J Cobbett, J Bayley, S Redgate.


Annual reviews[edit]

  • Arthur Haygarth, Scores & Biographies, Volume 3 (1841-1848), Lillywhite, 1862

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