1842 English cricket season

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1842 English cricket season

1842 was the 56th season of cricket in England since the foundation of Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). The official foundation of Kent County Cricket Club took place in Canterbury.

Important matches[edit]


6 August. Formation of the original Kent County Cricket Club in Canterbury; it was reformed as the present club in 1859. Teams representing Kent had been playing regularly since the early 18th century but these were invariably ad hoc sides raised by wealthy patrons.

The new Kent club played its first important match against All-England at the White Hart Ground, Bromley on 25 to 27 August.

Leading batsmen[edit]

N Felix was the leading runscorer with 406 @ 31.23

Other leading batsmen were: F Pilch, A Mynn, T Box, CG Taylor, FGB Ponsonby, B Good, T Barker, TA Anson, J Guy, C Hawkins, R Kynaston, T Sewell, JRLE Bayley

Leading bowlers[edit]

WR Hillyer was the leading wicket-taker with 127

Other leading bowlers were: A Mynn, FW Lillywhite, J Dean, CG Taylor


Annual reviews[edit]

  • Arthur Haygarth, Scores & Biographies, Volume 3 (1841-1848), Lillywhite, 1862

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