1843 in New Zealand

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1843 in New Zealand

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The following lists events that happened during 1843 in New Zealand.


The estimated population of New Zealand at the end of 1843 is 75,400 Māori and 11,848 non-Māori.[1]


Regal and viceregal[edit]

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Main centre leaders[edit]


  • 22 April: The Southern Cross publishes its first issue. The Auckland-based newspaper publishes weekly, with a hiatus in 1845–1847, and from 1862 daily when it will also change its name to The Daily Southern Cross. It will eventually merge with The New Zealand Herald in 1876.[2]
  • 8 July: An earthquake occurs in the North Island centred near Wanganui, with several fatalities.
  • 2 August: The New Zealand Colonist and Port Nicholson Advertiser ceases publishing after one year.[3]
  • 4 November: The Bay of Islands Advocate begins publishing. It runs for three months.[4]


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