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1845 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.





  • 9 September — William "Bendigo" Thompson finally returns to the ring after recovery from his serious knee injury. He fights Ben Caunt at Stony Stratford for the Championship of England and is victorious after 93 rounds when Caunt is disqualified for going down without having been struck. Caunt denies the accusation and announces his retirement, leaving Bendigo as undisputed champion.[1]






  • Written version of Rugby School football rules which allow the ball to be carried and passed by hand. These rules are the earliest that are definitely known to have been written. They are a major step in the evolution of rugby league and rugby union; not to mention Australian rules football, American football, Gaelic football, etc. The Rugby School rules make a clear distinction between the "handling" game and the "dribbling" game. Dribbling can be defined as running with the ball at one's feet.
  • Although Eton College rules allow the ball to be touched and controlled by hand, they do not allow running with the ball in the hand or passing of the ball by hand. So, whereas Rugby School has effectively created the first "handling game" rules, Eton could have created the earliest rules of the "dribbling game".
  • Introduction of referees at Eton. Linesmen at the time are called umpires.

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The Boat Race


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