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1848 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.





  • William Thompson retains the Championships of England but there is no record of any fights involving him in 1848.[2]



  • 18 July — birth in Gloucestershire of W. G. Grace, who will dominate cricket to the end of the 19th century and be hailed as The Great Cricketer




  • The original Cambridge University Rules are written by a committee of students, including H. de Winton and J. C. Thring, who are still confused by the different rules operating at the various schools. Besides Rugby, Eton and Harrow there are also rules of a sort in place at Winchester, Shrewsbury and elsewhere. Cambridge is the first attempt at codifying the rules of association football (i.e., the "dribbling" game) as distinct from rugby football (i.e., the "handling" game).
  • Unfortunately, no copy of these original Cambridge Rules survives.[3]
  • The essential difference in the two codes is always that association football does not allow a player to run with the ball in his hands or pass it by hand to a colleague. However, the early rules do allow players to touch and control the ball by hand.

Horse racing[edit]




  • Montreal's Olympic Club plays a match against an indigenous team.


The Boat Race

Other events

  • Henry Clasper builds the first keelless racing boats and spoon shaped oars, and develops the outrigger.


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