1849 Baden Revolution

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1849 Baden Revolution
Date12 May – 23 July 1849
LocationGrand Duchy of Baden

Decisive Imperial Victory

  • Hopes to institute the Imperial Constitution are permanently dashed
  • Remnants of the revolutionary army are exiled from the country and many flee to America
  • Prussians occupy Baden
Germany Free State of Baden

Kingdom of Prussia Prussia

Commanders and leaders

Germany Ludwik Mierosławski

Kingdom of Prussia Eduard von Peucker

c. 24,000 (Initially, then desertions significantly depleted the army) c. 60,000
Casualties and losses

2,000 killed, wounded, and missing

6,000 captured
1,500 killed, wounded, and missing

The Baden Revolution of 1849 was a war fought between the rebels who overthrew the government of the Grand Duchy of Baden in favor of a republic and the Imperial forces of Prussia who fought to suppress republicanism.[1]


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