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1850 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.



  • 22–23 October — William Penny Brookes, a local doctor, organises the first Wenlock Olympian Games in England.[1] These later inspire Pierre, Baron de Coubertin to establish the international Olympian games that continue to this day.
  • November — Undergraduates at Exeter College in the University of Oxford arrange a "foot grind" (a cross-country steeplechase), the first organised university athletic event in Britain.[2]



  • 5 June — William "Bendigo" Thompson defends his English Championship against Tom Paddock at Mildenhall. After winning the bout on the disqualification of Paddock after 49 rounds, Thompson announces his retirement from the ring.[3]
  • 17 December — Tom Paddock fights William Perry at Woking Common. After 27 rounds, Paddock is disqualified after striking Perry on the neck while Perry was walking to his corner. Perry claims the vacant English Championship.[4]
  • American champion Tom Hyer challenges Perry to what would be a world title fight but Perry does not respond.[5]




Horse racing[edit]



The Boat Race


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