Uzhhorod Raion

Uzhhorod Raion is one of the raions of Zakarpattia Oblast in western Ukraine. Its administrative center is located in the city of Uzhhorod which does not belong to the raion and is designated as a separate city municipality. Over 30% of population in the raion speak the Hungarian language according to the latest census. Population: 70,678 . There are several alternative names used for this raion: Hungarian: Ungvári járás, Slovak: Užhorodský rajón, German: Rajon Uschhorod, Rusyn: Ужгородьскый район, Russian: Ужгородский район; the raion is divided into 35 village councils. Some village councils combine several individual villages. In 16 out 64 villages the Hungarian speaking population accounts for over 70%. In the town of Serednie is a noticeable Roma community. For Hungarian names of these places, please see article: List of Hungarian exonyms for places in Ukraine. Administrative divisions of Zakarpattia Oblast


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