1852 in Argentina

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List of years in Argentina

Events in the year 1852 in Argentina.



  • January 29 – Platine War: Battle of Alvarez Field. 4,000 Rosas loyalist Argentine troops led two of General Ángel Pacheco's colonel defeated by anti-Rosas forces.
  • January 31 – Two anti-Rosas divisions defeat Pacheco's forces at the Battle of Marques Bridge
  • February 1 – anti-Rosas coalition camps 9 km (5.6 mi) from Buenos Aires
  • February 2 – brief skirmish between anti-Rosas coalition and Rosas loyalists end with loyalists retreat
  • February 3 – Platine War: Battle of Caseros. Rosas overthrown and exiled from Argentina
  • February 4 – surviving soldiers of Regimento Aquino, composed of Rosas loyalists who had defected from anti-Rosas coalition, summarily executed by firing squad
  • February 20 – Brazilian forces, part of victorious anti-Rosas coalition, parade through Buenos Aires to mark 25th anniversary of Battle of Ituzaingó in Cisplatine War
  • May 31 – San Nicolás Agreement
  • September 11coup d'etat in Argentina; Buenos Aires Province declares independence.
  • Yellow fever in Buenos Aires epidemic



  • February 4 – Martiniano Chilavert, former Unitarian turned Rosas loyalist, executed by firing squad