1855 Bursa earthquake

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1855 Bursa earthquake
1855 Bursa earthquake is located in Turkey
1855 Bursa earthquake
Local date 28 February 1855 (1855-02-28)
Magnitude 7.5 M
Epicenter 40°12′N 29°06′E / 40.20°N 29.10°E / 40.20; 29.10Coordinates: 40°12′N 29°06′E / 40.20°N 29.10°E / 40.20; 29.10
Areas affected Turkey
Max. intensity X (Extreme)
Casualties 1,900

The 1855 Bursa earthquake occurred on 28 February,[1] with a recorded magnitude of 7.5.[2] A devastating precursor quake that took place in Kemalpaşa, a town of Bursa, Turkey caused severe destruction all over Bursa and other neighboring cities.[3] 300 people died and thousands of homes and workplaces were wrecked, and some of the historical monuments and buildings including mosques collapsed. Subsequently, fire spread out in the city, which increased the death toll.

On 11 April 1855,[4] an aftershock of the 28 February earthquake was recorded as 7.0 magnitude. This aftershock affected the region from Gemlik to Mudanya. 1,300 people died.[5] Gökmen-zâde Seyyid el-Hâcî Hüseyin Rıfat Efendî Bursavî wrote about these earthquakes in his book İşaret-numa, written in the Ottoman Turkish language.[6]

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