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1860 in sports describes the year's events in world sport.


National championship




  • 17 April — one of the most famous fights of the bareknuckle era takes place at Farnborough, Hampshire, when English Champion Tom Sayers meets American Champion John C. Heenan in what is effectively a World Championship bout. After 42 rounds, the crowd breaks into the ring and the fight is stopped, both boxers having taken heavy punishment, although Heenan seemingly had the advantage, the result is a draw.[1]
  • 20 May — Sayers is awarded a special Silver Championship Belt to commemorate the fight and he now announces his retirement from boxing. Heenan is awarded a duplicate belt.[2]
  • But the brutality of the fight is widely publicised and gives rise to condemnation of the sport by a public that is increasingly influenced by Victorian ethics and morality. The legacy of the Heenan–Sayers fight is that it will bring about the demise of bareknuckle fighting in England.
  • 5 November — Tom Paddock fights Sam Hurst for the vacant Heavyweight Championship of England at a venue in Berkshire. Hurst wins in only five rounds and is awarded the championship belt by Tom Sayers, this is Paddock's final fight.[3]



  • John Jackson is again credited with over 100 first-class wickets in the season, establishing a new record with 109





Major tournaments

Horse racing[edit]


  • Inaugural running of the Queen's Plate in Canada is won by Don Juan




The Boat Race

Other events


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