1861 Mendoza earthquake

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1861 Mendoza earthquake
1861 Mendoza earthquake is located in Argentina
1861 Mendoza earthquake
UTC time 1861-03-20
Local date March 20, 1861 (1861-03-20)
Local time 11:30 PM
Magnitude 7.2 Ms
Depth 30
Epicenter 32°54′S 68°54′W / 32.9°S 68.9°W / -32.9; -68.9Coordinates: 32°54′S 68°54′W / 32.9°S 68.9°W / -32.9; -68.9[1]
Areas affected Argentina, Mendoza Province
Casualties 4.247

The 1861 Mendoza earthquake occurred in the province of Mendoza, Argentina on 20 March at 11:30 PM. It had a magnitude of 7.2 on the Ms scale and an intensity of IX in the Mercalli scale. Its hypocenter was located at an estimated depth of 30 kilometres (19 mi).

The earthquake devastated the provincial capital, Mendoza, killing 4,300 of its 12,000 residents and injuring 750. [1] Most of the buildings were destroyed, including the cabildo (colonial government house). The town was rebuilt in a nearby location, and the authorities moved to their new seat in 1863. The new constructions, which incorporated modern architectural tendencies, were markedly different from the old colonial buildings.

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