Vorontsov Palace (Odessa)

The Vorontsov Palace is a 19th-century palace and colonnade in Odessa, Ukraine, at the end of the Primorsky Boulevard pedestrian walkway. The buildings were built between 1827 and 1830 by the Sardinian-born architect Francesco Boffo for Russian Prince Mikhail Semyonovich Vorontsov, one of the governor-generals of the Odessa region; the palace was built on the site. Palace complex includes main building, stables and two lions, which used to stay near the gate of a main entrance. Vorontsov was so impressed with Boffo's work, that he contracted Boffo to design the Potemkin Stairs. In 1906 it became an engineering school. During this time, next to the former palace was Lloyd's Travel Agency where the city's elite could purchase tickets for their trips abroad. In 1917 it was the headquarters of the Soviet Red Guards, in March 1917 the first Soviet of Workers' and Sailors' Deputies met in the building. In 1936 the Vorontsov Palace was acquired by the Young Pioneers, renamed the Children's Palace; the present day palace is only the front part of the original structure, the less valuable part of the complex, the Orlov wing was torn down.

The Orlov wing was apartments and outbuildings—nicknamed the "Orlovsky outhouse", it stretched from today's Mother-in-Law's Bridge. In the second half of the 20th century, the palace had two fires. In 1994 sculptor Mikhail Reva built a fountain called "Night" in the courtyard; the fountain has not had any water since 1999. Vorontsov Palace, list of named palaces built for the Vorontsov family

Miguel Fidalgo

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