1863 Jujuy earthquake

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1863 Jujuy earthquake
1863 Jujuy earthquake is located in Argentina
1863 Jujuy earthquake
Local date January 14, 1863 (1863-01-14)
Magnitude 6.4 (est.)
Depth 30
Epicenter 23°36′S 65°00′W / 23.6°S 65.0°W / -23.6; -65.0Coordinates: 23°36′S 65°00′W / 23.6°S 65.0°W / -23.6; -65.0
Areas affected Argentina, Jujuy Province
Max. intensity VIII

The 1863 Jujuy earthquake took place in the province of Jujuy, Argentina on 14 January at about 11:00 (UTC). It had an estimated magnitude of 6.4 and its epicenter was at 23°36′S 65°00′W / 23.600°S 65.000°W / -23.600; -65.000, at a depth of about 50 kilometres (31 mi).

This earthquake had a felt intensity of VIII on the Mercalli intensity scale. Its magnitude and duration made it exceptionally destructive, causing damage to the cathedral, the cabildo (colonial government house) and precarious homes in San Salvador de Jujuy, the provincial capital.

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