1868 in Argentina

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List of years in Argentina

Events in the year 1868 in Argentina.



  • 2 January – The sudden death of Vice President Marcos Paz, in a cholera epidemic at Buenos Aires, results in a vacancy that is not filled for several months.
  • 12 April – The electoral college chooses Domingo Sarmiento as its new president by 79 out of 131 votes, making this the most closely contested election during the period.[1]
  • June – Henry G. Worthington becomes United States Ambassador to Argentina.[2]



  • 2 January – Marcos Paz, Vice President of Argentina (born 1813; cholera)
  • 19 February – Venancio Flores, Uruguayan politician and general supported by Argentina (born 1808; assassinated)
  • 23 October – Mariquita Sánchez, Buenos Aires salonnière (born 1786)


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