1869 in Japan

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Events from the year 1869 in Japan. It corresponds to Meiji 2 in the Japanese calendar.



  • January 27 – After the defeat of the forces of the Tokugawa shogunate in the Boshin War (1869) of the Meiji Restoration, former Tokugawa military led by Admiral Enomoto Takeaki flee to Hokkaido, the large but sparsely populated northernmost island in Japan, and establish the Republic of Ezo. Ezo is notable for being the first government to attempt to institute democracy in Japan. Elections were based on universal suffrage among the samurai class.[1] This was the first election ever held in Japan. Enomoto made a last effort to petition the Imperial Court to be allowed to develop Hokkaido and maintain the traditions of the samurai unmolested, but his request was denied
  • May 4–10 – Naval Battle of Hakodate
  • May 6 – Battle of Miyako Bay




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