1874 in South Africa

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South Africa

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The following lists events that happened during 1874 in South Africa.



Unknown date
  • Work begins on the Cape Parliamentary buildings (the current South African houses of Parliament).
  • The Cape Government passes legislation to begin government funding of education and colleges.[5]
  • The South African Teachers' Association is established in the Cape.
  • The railway line from Port Elizabeth to Uitenhage is partially opened.
  • Work is begun on the Verlatenkloof pass, connecting the town of Sutherland with the southern Cape.[6]
  • The Molteno Government of the Cape passes a parliamentary act to redraw the provincial boundaries of the Cape Colony, from two provinces (Eastern and Western Cape) to seven.
  • The Molteno Regulations establish the South African public library system.[7]
  • The Burgerspond, the South African Republic's first coin, is introduced.


  • 4 July? – Moloko Temo, South African supercentenarian. (d. 2009)





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