Heavy Mental

Heavy Mental is the debut album by rapper Killah Priest, an associate of hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan and a member of the group Sunz of Man. It was released on March 1998, on Geffen Records; the album is resplendent with references to Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology and theology, drawing parallels to the condition of Black people in the United States to that of the Jewish people during Exodus. A notable track on the CD is B. I. B. L. E. Which had appeared on GZA's 1995 Liquid Swords album in a different form. Another is the title track, which features Killah Priest rhyming in a style reminiscent of slam poetry and prominently features a didgeridoo. “One Step,” with its refrain of “Your arms too short to box with God,” reached #84 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop singles chart. Priest released the album through Geffen/MCA Records, which had a relationship with Wu-Tang Clan; the album peaked at 24 at 4 in the Top R&B / Hip Hop charts. Track listing information is taken from AllMusic. Notes "Mystic City" features uncredited vocals by Shangai the Messenger.

"The Professional" is only found on CD versions of the album. Samples "From Then Till Now" contains a sample of "Diamonds Are Forever", written by D. Black/J. Barry and performed by London Starlight Orchestra, a sample of "The Man In The Raincoat", written by W. Warwick and performed by Marion Marlow. "Fake MC's" contains a sample of "My Little Brown Book", written by B. Strayhorn and performed by John Coltrane & Duke Ellington. "Atoms to Adam" contains a sample of "Sweet Pain", written by M. Brook/Ali Khan and performed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn, dialogue from the speech "Blue Eyed Devil" by Malcolm X. "Information" contains a sample of "All The Kings Horses", written by A. Franklin and performed by Grover Washington, Jr

Wings of Love

Wings of Love is a 1976 album by The Temptations for the Gordy label. Producer Jeffrey Bowen preferred Dennis Edwards to the rest of the group, wanted to produce an Edwards solo album instead of a group album; as a result, Bowen de-emphasized the rest of the group's vocals and placed them at levels far below Edwards' leads, prompting his dismissal as the Temptations' producer after this album's release. Unsurprisingly, Edwards sings lead on all but one of the songs on the album; the album was an unsuccessful release, both critically. Wings of Love's only single, "Up the Creek" was co-written by Sly Stone, the inspiration for many of the Temptations' late 1960s/early 1970s "psychedelic soul" records. Stone and other members of the Family Stone appear on "Up the Creek", as well as "Sweet Gypsy Jane" and "China Doll" All lead vocals by Dennis Edwards except where indicated "Sweet Gypsy Jane" – 4:28 "Sweetness in the Dark" – 3:06 "Up the Creek" – 3:28 "China Doll" – 3:26 "Mary Ann" – 7:41 "Dream World" – 5:38 "Paradise" – 3:26 Dennis Edwards - vocals Glenn Leonard - vocals Richard Street - vocals Melvin Franklin - vocals Otis Williams - vocals Sly Stone, Truman Thomas - clavinet, organ and ARP Freddie Stewart - bass, guitar William "Billy Bass" Nelson - bass, guitar Rusty Allen - bass Ollie E. Brown - drums, percussion Pat Rizzo, Steve Madaio - trumpet Donald Charles Baldwin - Moog, Moog programming, keyboards and vocal arrangements