1877 in South Africa

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South Africa

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The following lists events that happened during 1877 in South Africa.



Unknown date
  • Bartle Frere, the new Governor of the Cape Colony, arrives with a mandate to impose confederation on the southern African states.
  • Native reservations for the Tswana people are established in Griqualand West.
  • The Cape Government establishes the Council of Education following the dramatic increase in the number of educational facilities, such as mission schools, on the eastern Cape frontier.[3]
  • Cape and British involvement when tribal dispute erupts between the Gcaleka and the Fingo peoples of the eastern Cape frontier leads to the 9th Cape Frontier War which ends the following year.
  • Bartle Frere orders the disarmament and eviction of Gcaleka people and allows white settlement on Gcaleka land.




Railway lines opened[edit]

  • 1 May – Cape Eastern – Breidbach to King William's Town, 3 miles 5 chains (4.9 kilometres).[4]
  • 1 May – Cape Eastern – Breidbach to Kei Road, 14 miles 29 chains (23.1 kilometres).[4]
  • 1 May – Cape Midland – Uitenhage to Glenconnor, 43 miles 20 chains (69.6 kilometres).[4]
  • 27 August – Cape Midland – Sand Flats to Alicedale, 17 miles 37 chains (28.1 kilometres).[4]
  • 7 November – Cape Western – Worcester to Kleinstraat, 42 miles 6 chains (67.7 kilometres).[4]
  • 12 November – Cape Western – Kraaifontein to Malmesbury, 29 miles 33 chains (47.3 kilometres).[4]



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