1880 in China

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Events from the year 1880 in China.




  • Muslim women are forbidden to marry non-Muslims in Islamic law



  • Chen Yuan (historian), (1880–1971) historian and educator
  • He Peirong (何佩瑢; 1880 – 1942) was a military personnel and politician in the Republic of China. He belonged to the Beijing Government, Anhui clique.
  • Bin Bucheng (賓步程; 1880- 1943) politician and educator, became the President of Hunan University
  • Wan Fulin (Wan Fulin (Chinese: 万福麟; 1880–1951) the military governor of Heilongjiang province from 1928 and part of the Fengtian clique
  • Zhu Xingyuan (Chinese: 祝惺元; born 1880-1945?) was a politician and diplomat in the Republic of China. He was an important politician during the Provisional Government of the Republic of China and the Wang Jingwei regime
  • Jia Deyao (賈德耀; 1880–1940) was a Chinese military commander and politician, member of the Anhui clique during the Beiyang Government.
  • Leong Sin Nam 梁燊南(1880–1940) was a Malaysian businessman


  • Ng Akew, Chinese opium smuggler and house owner in Hong Kong