1881–82 census of the Ottoman Empire

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1881–82 census of the Ottoman Empire [a] was a multi-year census effort that the preparations for the forms and registration committees finished in 1884-85 (also refereed as 1881-83 census) which from this date a continuous flow of information collected with yearly reports until final record issued in 1893 (also refereed as 1881-93 census).[1] The first official census (1881–1893) took 10 years to finish. Grand Vizier Cevat Pasha submitted the census records in a bound manuscript to the sultan.[b][2]


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  1. ^ 81-82 is result of conversion to Georgian calendar.
  2. ^ this data used by westerners to generate the graphical and tabular analysis 1893-1896 represent the most complete and reliable data in 19th century


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