1882–83 Dumbarton F.C. season

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1882–83 season
Stadium Boghead Park, Dumbarton
Scottish Cup Winners

Season 1882–83 was the tenth Scottish football season in which Dumbarton competed at a national level, entering the Scottish Cup for the tenth time.


Following two seasons as runners-up, it was 'third time lucky' for Dumbarton in the Scottish Cup where they were at last crowned Scottish champions. On the road to the final Dumbarton disposed of the holders, Queen's Park in the quarter final and after a 2-2 draw, defeated their old rivals Vale of Leven in the final.[1]

In the Glasgow Charity Cup, Queen's Park got revenge for their Scottish Cup exit by beating Dumbarton in the semi final.

During the season, 19 'other' matches were played, including home and away fixtures against Vale of Leven, Hearts, Rangers, St Bernards and Cowlairs, a win over Ayrshire Cup holders Kilmarnock Portland, and a north of England 'tour' which took in three matches during the New Year holidays. In all, of these matches, 14 were won, 2 drawn and 3 lost, scoring 54 goals and conceding 18.



All results are written with Dumbarton's score first.

Scottish Cup[edit]

Date Rd Opponent Venue Result Scorers Attendance
R1 Kilmarnock Thistle WO
30 September 1882 R2 King's Park H 8-1 unknown
21 October 1882 R3 Jamestown H 8-1 Lindsay;Anderson(3);Brown,R(S);Miller,J;unknown(2)
11 November 1882 R4 Thornliebank A 3-0 Lindsay;unknown(2) 2,000
R5 bye
3 February 1883 R6 Queen's Park H 3-1 Brown,R(P);McKinnon,W(2) 10,000
17 March 1883 SF Pollokshields Athletic H 5-0 McKinnon;McArthur(3);Paton 3,000
31 March 1883 F Vale of Leven A 2-2 Paton;McArthur 15,000
7 April 1883 Fr Vale of Leven A 2-1 Brown,R(P);Brown,R(S) 15,000

Glasgow Charity Cup[edit]

Date Rd Opponent Venue Result Scorers Attendance
28 April 1883 SF Queen's Park A 1-2 Weir 5,000

Other Matches[edit]

Date Opponent Venue Result Scorers Attendance
2 September 1882 Hearts H 4-1 unknown
16 September 1882 Rangers A 1-1 OG 3,000
23 September 1882 3rd LRV H 4-0 Hutton;Miller;Brown;unknown
7 October 1882 St Mirren A 4-0 unknown
14 October 1882 Kilmarnock Portland H 3-1 McArthur;unknown(2)
28 October 1882 Vale of Leven A 0-1 4,000
18 November 1882 Northern H 3-1 unknown
25 November 1882 St Bernard's H 4-0 unknown
23 December 1882 Rangers H 3-1 MacNab;unknown(2) 2,000
30 December 1882 EnglandBlackburn Rovers A 3-1 Lindsay;Brown;McKinnon 2,000
1 January 1883 EnglandBolton Wanderers A 2-0 Weir;Lindsay 5,000
2 January 1883 EnglandHalliwell A 10-1 McKinnon(3);Lindsay(2);Brown(2);OG;unknown(2) 5,000
6 January 1883 Cowlairs H 2-1 McAulay;unknown 2,000
13 January 1883 St Bernard's A 2-5 unknown
20 January 1883 Vale of Leven H 4-1 unknown
10 February 1883 Partick A 2-0 McArthur;Kerr
24 February 1883 Pollokshields Athletic A 1-0[2] unknown 7,000
3 March 1883 Hearts A 0-0
10 March 1883 Cowlairs A 2-3 unknown

Player statistics[edit]


No. Pos Nat Player Total Scottish Cup
Apps Goals Apps Goals
GK Scotland James McAulay 7 0 7 0
DF Scotland Jock Hutcheson 6 0 6 0
DF Scotland Michael Paton 4 2 4 2
DF Scotland Tom Veitch 2 0 2 0
MF Scotland Leitch Keir 6 0 6 0
MF Scotland Willie Lang 4 0 4 0
MF Scotland Peter Miller 7 0 7 0
FW Scotland R Anderson 3 3 3 3
FW Scotland Robert 'Plumber' Brown 7 2 7 2
FW Scotland Robert 'Sparrow' Brown 7 2 7 2
FW Scotland Joe Lindsay 7 2 7 2
FW Scotland George McArthur 7 4 7 4
FW Scotland William McKinnon 3 3 3 3
FW Scotland James Miller 7 1 7 1

International Caps[edit]

An international trial match was played on 3 March 1883 to consider selection of teams to represent Scotland in the upcoming games against England and Wales. Robert 'Plumber' Brown, Joe Lindsay, James McAulay, Peter Miller and Michael Paton all took part.

As a result, William McKinnon, earned his first and second caps and both James McAulay and Peter Miller earned their second and third caps against England and Wales respectively. In addition Michael Paton earned his first international cap for Scotland against England.

County Caps[edit]

Two matches were played by the Scotch Counties during the season.

On 13 January 1883, Robert 'Sparrow' Brown, William McKinnon and Peter Miller played against Lancashire - drawing 3-3, and on 27 January 1883, Jock Hutcheson, James McAulay, William McKinnon, James Miller and Peter Miller all played against Birmingham & District - with James Miller scoring one of the 'Scotch' men's goals in the 2-2 draw.


Of note amongst those donning the club's colours for the first time was Robert 'Plumber' Brown.

Reserve Team[edit]

Dumbarton competed in the Scottish Second XI Cup, anxious to repeat their success of the previous season. Reports on these matches are sketchy, no doubt due to the overwhelming local interest in the Scottish Cup progress at the same time. The local press makes reference to a tie against Hurlford, which was to have been played on the same date as the 'senior' cup semi final against Pollokshields. It is likely this would have been postponed, but there are no subsequent records of the scores. In addition there is mention made of a subsequent cup tie against Kilmarnock Athletic, who were the ultimate winners of the trophy.

Scottish Second XI Cup[edit]

Date Rd Opponent Venue Result
27 January 1883 R2 South Western H 11-0
10 February 1883 R3 Partick H 4-1
1883 QF Hurlford W
1883 SF Kilmarnock Athletic L


* Dumbarton maintained a 100% home record for the second successive season - 12 wins. The 'unbeaten' run on home soil now extended for almost 4 seasons.

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