1885 Home Nations Championship

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1885 Home Nations Championship
Date 3 January - 21 February 1885
Countries  England
Tournament statistics
Champions Not completed[1]
Matches played 4
Top point scorer(s) Scotland Veitch (1)
Wales Taylor (1)
England Payne (1)
Top try scorer(s) Wales Jordan (2)
England Hawkridge (2)
1884 (Previous) (Next) 1886

The 1885 Home Nations Championship was the third series of the rugby union Home Nations Championship. It was contested by England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, but the tournament was not completed.

The 1885 Championship was notable for the disputes occurring between the Home Nation Unions which prevented a full tournament to be completed. England and Scotland refused to face each other due to the refereeing disagreement from their 1884 encounter, and Wales and Ireland also failed to meet due to union disputes.[2] The 1885 Championship also experienced a rare replay, when the Ireland versus Scotland game at Ormeau was abandoned after bad weather stopped play. The replay was played in Scotland.[2]


Position Nation Games Points
Played Won Drawn Lost
1  England 2 2 0 0 4
2  Scotland 2 1 1 0 3
3  Wales 2 0 1 1 1
4  Ireland 2 0 0 2 0



[citation needed]

3 January 1885
Wales  (1T) 1–1 (4T)  England
10 January 1885
Scotland  0–0  Wales
7 February 1885
England  (2T) 0–0 (1T)  Ireland
7 March 1885
Ireland  0–1  Scotland

Not played[edit]

  • Scotland v. England
  • Wales v. Ireland

Scoring system[edit]

The matches for this season were decided on goals scored. A goal was awarded for a successful conversion after a try, for a dropped goal or for a goal from mark. If a game was drawn, any unconverted tries were tallied to give a winner. If there was still no clear winner, the match was declared a draw.[citation needed]

The matches[edit]

[citation needed]

Wales vs. England[edit]

3 January 1885
Wales  1G, 1T – 1G, 4T[4]  England
Try: Jordan (2)
Con: Gould
Try: Hawcridge
Con: Payne
St. Helen's, Swansea
Attendance: 5,000
Referee: CP Lewis (Wales)

Wales: Arthur Gould (Newport), Frank Hancock (Cardiff), Martyn Jordan (Newport), Charles Taylor (Ruabon), Charlie Newman (Newport) capt., William Gwynn (Swansea), Ernest Rowland (Lampeter), John Sidney Smith (Cardiff), Evan Richards (Swansea), Tom Clapp (Newport), Bob Gould (Newport), Horace Lyne (Newport), Thomas Baker Jones (Newport), Samuel Goldsworthy (Swansea), Lewis Thomas (Cardiff)

England: HB Tristram (Oxford University), CG Wade (Oxford University), Andrew Stoddart (Blackheath), JJ Hawcridge (Bradford), A Rotherham (Oxford University), JH Payne (Broughton), Frank Moss (Broughton), G Harrison (Hull), AT Kemble (Liverpool), RS Kindersley (Oxford University), HJ Ryalls (New Brighton), ED Court (Blackheath), RSF Henderson (Blackheath), A Teggin (Broughton), ET Gurdon (Richmond) capt.

Scotland vs. Wales[edit]


10 January 1885
Scotland  0G – 0G  Wales
Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow
Attendance: 3,000
Referee: GR Hill (England)

Scotland Pat Harrower, Bill Maclagan capt., Alexander Stephen, Gardy Maitland, Bunny Wauchope, Augustus Grant-Asher, Tom Ainslie, George Robb, John Jamieson, Robert Maitland, William Peterkin, Charlie Reid, Charles Berry, John Tod, Gordon Mitchell

Wales: Arthur Gould, Frank Hancock, Martyn Jordan, Charles Taylor, Charlie Newman capt., William Gwynn, Willie Thomas, Edward Alexander, Frank Hill, Tom Clapp, Bob Gould, D Morgan, Thomas Baker-Jones, Samuel Goldsworthy, Lewis Thomas

England vs. Ireland[edit]

[citation needed]

7 February 1885
England  2T – 1T  Ireland
Try: Bolton
Try: Greene
Whalley Range, Manchester
Attendance: 6,000
Referee: HS Lyne (Wales)

England: CH Sample (Cambridge University), WN Bolton (Blackheath), Andrew Stoddart (Blackheath), JJ Hawcridge (Bradford), A Rotherham (Oxford University), JH Payne (Broughton), Frank Moss (Broughton), G Harrison (Hull), AT Kemble (Liverpool), Charles Gurdon (Richmond), HJ Ryalls (New Brighton), CH Horley (Swinton), CS Wooldridge (Blackheath), GT Thomson (Halifax), ET Gurdon (Richmond) capt.

Ireland: GH Wheeler (Queen's College, Belfast), EH Greene (Dublin Uni.), JP Ross (Lansdowne), RG Warren (Lansdowne), RE McLean (NIFC), EC Crawford (Dublin Uni.), THM Hobbs (Dublin Uni.), Thomas Lyle (Dublin Uni.), FW Moore (Wanderers), T Shanahan (Lansdowne), RM Bradshaw (Wanderers), TC Allen (NIFC), HJ Neill (NIFC), RW Hughes (NIFC), WG Rutherford (Lansdowne) capt.

Scotland vs. Ireland[edit]


7 March 1885
Scotland  1G - 0G  Ireland
Try: Reid
ARD Wauchope
Con: Veitch
Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
Referee: HC Kelly (Ireland)

Scotland James Veitch, Bill Maclagan (capt), Henry Evans, Gardyne Maitland, ARD (Bunny) Wauchope, Patrick Wauchope, Tom Ainslie, John Brown, John Jamieson, Walter Irvine, William Peterkin, Charlie Reid, Jack Tait, John Tod, Gordon Mitchell

Ireland: Robert Morrow, Ernest Greene, John Ross, Robert Warren, Daniel Ross, D.V. Hunter, J.A. Thompson, Thomas Lyle, Frederick Moore, Thomas Shanahan, Robert Bradshaw, Arthur Forrest (capt), Harry Neill, Jack Johnston, William Hogg

Preceded by
1884 Home Nations
Home Nations Championship
Succeeded by
1886 Home Nations


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Further reading[edit]

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