1887 American Cup

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1887 American Cup
CountryUnited States
ChampionsClark O.N.T.
Runners-upKearny Rangers
Matches played8
Goals scored36 (4.5 per match)

The 1887 American Cup was the third edition of the soccer tournament organized by the American Football Association. For the third time since its inception the Clark ONT's were the champions.


The tournament had now increased to nine teams with Newark boasting four entries including the newcomers Tiffany Rovers.

  • Trenton- Trenton F.B.C.
  • New York- West Side, Pilgrims, and New York F.B.C.
  • Paterson- Paterson F.B.C.
  • Newark- Clark O.N.T., Alma, Tiffany Rovers, and Kearny Rangers.

First round[edit]

Kearney Rangers4–0Tiffany Rovers
15' Gloak
22' Williams
57' C.Gray
Walter Taylor
ONT grounds, East Newark
Referee: J.Joules

Rangers: GK J.Clynch, DF J.McKell, J.Chapman, MF W.Allsop, J.Hearn, D.Morris, FW William Taylor, J.Williams, G.Sergeant, D.Gloak, Walter Taylor(c). Rovers: GK G.Gray, DF T.Crann, J.Shelby, MF J.McCullough, F.Hatfield, D.O'Mara, FW C.Gray, A.Ringley, W.Houston, W.Hinchley, J.Norton.

Clark O.N.T.4–2Alma
Jack Swithenby
85' Jack Swithenby
87' J.Hood
Frelinghuyson grounds, Newark, New Jersey
Referee: A.Turner

ONT: P.Hughes, H.Holden, A.Pallister, J.Dockray, Joe Swithenby(c), J.Howarth, J.Hood, Jack Swithenby, J.McGurck, J.Swarbrick, J.Connolly. Almas: F.Farrar, C.Moore, G.Wright, E.Morton, R.Patterson, F.Britchtord, J.Lucas, G.Curtin(c), E.P.Garren, J.Grey, T.Faulkeley.

New York5–0West Side
Oak Point, New York

Olympic grounds, Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson: GK Dowey, DF B.Henshall(c), J.Hall, MF G.Henshall, E.Gaskell, J.Henshall, FW W.Wyatt, W.Turner, J.W.Warburton, S.Wardle, R.McWilliams. Trenton: GK W.Bradshaw, DF R.Rhodes, Holowan, MF T.McNicol, T.Baddeley, J.James, FW J.Bradshaw, E.Naylor, E.Ward, A.Deearden, D.Baggeley.


Cricket Grounds, Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton: GK H.Everingham, DF Hullman, Rhodes, MF McNicol, James, Baddeley, FW Openshaw, Ward, Naylor, Baggeley, Deardon.

Second round[edit]

ONT draws a bye.

PilgrimsKearny Rangers

Trenton3–1New York
East State St grounds, Trenton, New Jersey
Attendance: 700
Referee: R.L.Craig (AFA Pres.)

Trenton: GK Hart Everingham, DF Hullman, Rhodes, MF McNicol(c), James, Baddeley, FW Ward, Openshaw, Naylor, Baggeley, Deardon.

Semifinal round[edit]

Kearny Rangers draw a bye.

44' Swarbrick
ONT grounds Newark, New Jersey
Referee: J.Grant

ONT: P.Hughes, H.Holden, A.Patterson, J.Swithemby, L.Dockray, J.Howarth, J.McGurck, J.Brooks, R.Donnelly, J.Swarbrick, J.Swithemby. Trenton: H.Evenham, G.Holman, R.Rhodes, A.MacNicol, J.James, T.Bradley, E.Openshaw, D.Bagley, A.Reardon, E.Naylor, J.Mart.

Final round[edit]

Clark O.N.T.3–2Kearny Rangers
40' Jack Swithenby(Swarbrick)
55' Swarbrick(Swithenby)
45' Gluck(Lennox)
Frelinghuysen grounds
Attendance: 600
Referee: T.Narg


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