1887 Meath Senior Football Championship

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Meath S.F.C.
Season 1887
Champions Dowdstown
Relegated None
All Ireland S.F.C. Dowdstown
Commercials 3-2, 0-2 Dowdstown
Matches played 11

The 1887 Meath Football Championship was the first edition of the Meath GAA's premier inter-county Gaelic football tournament, for the 12 clubs that chose to participate. The final was played on Sunday April 17, 1887, with Dowdstown (later to become Walterstown) winning by 1-0 to 0-0 against Kells. Unlike later Meath Football Championships, there were no groups and it was an open draw.

Dowdstown, as county champions, went on to represent Meath in the 1887 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, also the first All-Ireland Championship, but lost to Commercials of Limerick in the First Round.


The 1887 championship was held as an open-draw knockout tournament.

Participating Clubs[edit]

The clubs that chose to participate were:

Club 1887 Championship Position
Donecarney Semi-Final
Donore Round One
Dowdstown Champions
Grangegeeth Round Two
Kells Runners-Up
Kilbeg Round Two
Marywell Round One
Mullagh Round One
Rathkenny Round One
Stackallen Round One
Yellow Furze Round One


In 1887 point posts flanked the goalposts. A forfeit point was awarded to the opposition when a defender kicked the ball over his own end line. Forfeit points were counted when the scores were level at the end of the game. A forfeit point is represented as 0-0-1 (Goal-Point-Forfeit).

First Round[edit]

First Round
Mullagh 0-6 - 0-8 Kilbeg

First Round
Stackallen 0-3-0 - 2-20-6 Kells

First Round
Marywell L - W Kilmessan

First Round
Yellow Furze 0-0-0 - 0-7-2 Dowdstown

First Round
Rathkenny 0-0-1 - 1-1-1 Grangegeeth

First Round
Donore 0-1 - 1-2 Donecarney

Second Round[edit]

Second Round
Grangegeeth 0-0-0 - 0-2-1 Doncarney

Second Round
Dowdstown 0-1 - 0-0 Kilmessan

Second Round
Kilbeg 0-0-0 - 0-13-5 Kells


Dowdstown W - L Donecarney


Dowdstown 1-0 - 0-0 Kells

Kells objected to the result maintaining that the Dowdstown goal was unjustly scored. A subsequent County Committee meeting did not accept the objection. Kells submitted the dispute to the Central Executive. No record can be found of the result of this objection other than Dowdstown were eventually declared winners of the 1887 Meath Football Championship.


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