1888 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

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1888 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
All-Ireland Champions
Provincial Champions
Munster Tipperary
Leinster Kilkenny
Ulster Monaghan
Championship statistics

The 1888 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship was unfinished owing to the American Invasion Tour, an unsuccessful attempt to raise funds for a revival of the Tailteann Games.[1]

The 1888 provincial championships had been completed (Tipperary, Kilkenny and Monaghan winning them; no Connacht teams entered) but after the Invasion tour returned, the All-Ireland semi-final and final were not played.[2]



Dublin 1–6 – 0–1 Kildare
Referee: JJ Reilly

Kilkenny 1–3 – 0–0 Queen's County
Attendance: 10,000
Referee: GF Moore

Wicklow 0–2 – 0–1 Wexford
Attendance: 8,000
Referee: JJ Reilly

Wicklow used illegal players, and the game was stopped by a pitch invasion with ten minutes to go, so a replay was ordered.

Wexford 1–3 – 0–2 Wicklow
Attendance: 5,000
Referee: JP Cox

Louth 2–4 – 0–0 Meath
Referee: JJ O'Reilly

Kilkenny 2-1 – 0–3 Louth
Referee: JJ Cullen

Wexford 0–4 – 0–3 Dublin
Referee: T Harrington

Kilkenny 1–4 – 0–2 Wexford


Tipperary 0-2 – 0-2 Cork
Attendance: 12,000
Referee: T.O'Riordan

Clare 1-3 – 1-0 Limerick
Referee: J Callinan

Limerick were awarded the game due to Clare playing illegal players.

Tipperary 0-3 – 0-1 Waterford
Referee: T Harrington

Tipperary w/o – scr. Limerick


Monaghan 0–2 – 0–2 Cavan

Neither team could field the full 21 players, so 15-a-side was agreed.

Monaghan 0–3 – 0–0 Cavan
Bryanstown, Co. Meath

Championship statistics[edit]


  • No All Ireland series due to US tour.