1888 in New Zealand

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1888 in New Zealand

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The following lists events that happened during 1888 in New Zealand.


Regal and viceregal[edit]

Government and law[edit]

The 10th New Zealand Parliament continues.

Main centre leaders[edit]





The first New Zealand Championships are held.[1][2]

National Champions, Men[edit]

  • 100 yards — F. Meenan (Otago)
  • 250 yards — A. Williams (Canterbury)
  • 440 yards — A. Williams (Canterbury)
  • 880 yards — Peter Morrison (South Canterbury)
  • 1 mile — J. Field (Southland)
  • 120 yards hurdles — Godfrey Shaw (Canterbury)
  • Long jump — T. Harman (Canterbury)
  • High jump — F. Perry (South Canterbury)


Horse racing[edit]

The Auckland Cup of 1887 is moved to January 1888. Future Auckland Cup's are normally scheduled for New Year's Day.

Major race winners[edit]

  • New Zealand Cup — Manton
  • New Zealand Derby — Manton
  • Auckland Cup winner (January) — Nelson (Australian owned)
  • Auckland Cup winner (December) — Lochiel
  • Wellington Cup winner — Beresford

National Champions[4][edit]

  • Singles — G. White (Milton)
  • Fours — R. Churton, L. Oughton, W. Carswell and D. Mackie (skip) (Taieri)


The first polo club in New Zealand is formed in Auckland.[2]


National Championships are held for the first time. They are held at separate venues; the single sculls in Wellington, the coxed fours in Wanganui. From the following year the Championships will be held at a single venue.

National Champions (Men)[edit]

  • Single sculls — J. Foster (Napier)
  • Coxed fours — Canterbury

Rugby union[edit]

The South Canterbury, Wanganui and Marlborough unions are formed.[2]

The first ever British Isles rugby team tour takes place, visiting New Zealand and Australia. The visitors win all their New Zealand games except for one, losing to Auckland.[5]
The first New Zealand Native team to visit Britain leaves at the end of the year.


Ballinger Belt — Hon Major Purnell (NZ Volunteers)


National championships

  • Men's singles — P. Fenwicke
  • Women's singles — E. Harman
  • Men's doubles — R. Harman and F. Wilding
  • Women's doubles — E. Harman and E. Gordon
  • Mixed doubles — No competition



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