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1889–90 in English football

The 1889–90 season was the 19th season of competitive football in England. Preston North End were Football League champions for the second successive season while The Wednesday finished top of the newly formed Football Alliance. Blackburn Rovers won the FA Cup. A new competition, the Football Alliance, started this season, it was formed by 12 clubs as a rival to The Football League, which had begun in the 1888–89 season with 12 member clubs. The Alliance covered a similar area to the League, stretching from the Midlands to the North West, but further east in Sheffield and Sunderland. P = Matches played. In the 1889–90 British Home Championship, England played matches against Wales and Ireland on the same day, 15 March 1890, winning both comfortably; the team for the Wales match were amateur players, whereas the team against Ireland were all professional players. The Irish goal was scored by Jack Reynolds, who played for England. In the deciding match against Scotland, the teams shared the trophy.

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Irion County High School

Irion County High School is a public high school located in Mertzon and classified as a 1A school by the UIL. It is part of the Irion County Independent School District located in east central Irion County. In 2015, the school was rated "Met Standard" by the Texas Education Agency. Residents in Sherwood and Mertzon are enrolled in the Irion County school district. In the 2015-2016 school year, the West Texas Boys Ranch left the school, due to administrative pressure. Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Powerlifting Tennis Track and Field Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Powerlifting Tennis Track and Field Cheerleading Boys Track 2001, 2002 Marching Band - 1993, 2019 Marching Band Sweepstakes - 1986, 1991 2012: 2nd runner up at State competition performing A Streetcar Named Desire directed by Billy McDaris. 2011: Advanced to Regional level competition where they were the alternate to state with their performance in A Lie of the Mind, directed by Billy McDaris. 2009: Advanced to the Regional level where they received several honorable mentions and Best Actor for their performance of The Bridegroom of Blowing Rock directed by Billy McDaris.

Irion County ISD

Pacific Shipping, Inc.

Pacific Shipping, Inc. is a shipping company founded in 2009 and incorporated in Majuro, Marshall Islands in 2012. PSI is the Shipping agent for Pacific International Lines, Mariana Express Lines PTE LTD, Pacific Direct Line LTD & Inchcape Shipping Services. PSI is the only agency; the founders of PSI are the Marshallese entrepreneur, honorary consulate of Israel in Majuro and former Senator of Marshall Islands Charles T. Domnick together with Damian Reimers for operations & Hackney Takju as manager. PSI is a sister companies of DAR Sales & Services; the company is started in 2009 as DAR Shipping Agency, Since 2012 as the company expanded and launched its Containerization program it became the Shipping agent for Mariana Express Lines LTD. based in Singapore, Pacific International Lines and Pacific Direct Line based in New Zealand, Also providing services for Inchcape Shipping Services oil tankers in Majuro. In 2018 CTSI Air & Sea Services Logistics based on Guam make a deal on PSI to be their agent in Majuro.

PSI accommodate Cruise ships having leisure in Marshall Islands and private or public projects/services. PSI offer liner shipping services to route of Hong Kong, Saipan and United States ports for PIL. Using Hong Kong and Kaoshiung as hubs, MELL carries containers between China, Southeast Asia, Japan and islands in the Pacific with 22 ports including Fiji, American Samoa,Tonga,Tahiti, the Cook Islands, Norfolk & Tarawa for PDL. On August 2016 when Indian Navy visited Majuro for commitment to peace and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific region and Indian Navy's increasing footprint and operational reach, Pacific Shipping, Inc. serve for providing the navy transportation services in Majuro. On March 2019 while Pacific Partnership wraps up in Marshall Islands, Pacific Shipping, Inc. working with Seaway Filipinas Logistics based on Olongapo, Zambales Philippines to provide all transportation services to US Navy that joins the program. Charles T. Domnick Francis Carlos Domnick Mio Domnick Candle Salome Andrike Miriam Domnick Jauwe Domnick Charles L. Domnick, Jr. Francis Carlos Domnick Mio Domnick Candle Jeffrey Riofrer Tijo Joe Francis Lojkar KOTA HENNING KOTA HAPAS KOTA HAKIM KOTA HARUM CHASE D MT AKRI MT SOPHIA STI MANHATTAN STI ASTRALL EXPRESS STI CSC PEACE STI AQUA STI FOREVER GLORY MV FAIRLIFT STI FOREVER PROSPERITY STI GRAND ACE STI MAYFAIR MT AXIOS MT HIGH VENTURE MT LEOPARD STAR MT CHANG HANG XI WANG MT HERACLES Pacific International Lines Marshall Islands Containerization Flag of convenience Tanker Official website "Pacific Direct Line - linking you with the Pacific - PDL". Retrieved 6 January 2019. "Shipping Companies". Retrieved 6 January 2019

Massachusetts Institute of Technology academics

Academics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are organized into 6 divisions containing 32 academic departments or faculties along with many interdisciplinary and intercollegiate research and degree programs. The Schools of Engineering, Sloan School of Management, Humanities and Social Sciences and Urban Planning, the Whitaker College of Health Sciences and Technology; the School of Science is composed of 6 academic departments and grants S. B. S. M. and Ph. D. or Sc. D degrees; the current Dean of Engineering is Professor Marc A. Kastner. With 300 faculty members, 1200 graduate students, 1000 undergraduate majors, the school is the second largest at MIT. 16 faculty members and 16 alumni of the school have won Nobel Prizes. The Department of Biology began as a department of natural history in 1871; the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences began as the Department of Psychology in 1964. The Department of Chemistry was one of the original departments when MIT opened in 1865; the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences traces its origins to the establishment of MIT by the eminent geologist William Barton Rogers in 1861.

Before distinguishing himself as the University’s founder and first president, Rogers was a professor of natural philosophy and chemistry. He served as State Geologist of Virginia, which explains why geology courses have been taught at MIT for more than a century. In 1983, EAPS was formed through the merger of two MIT departments: the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, which grew out of the first geology courses, the Department of Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, which had its roots in the meteorology courses that first emerged at MIT in 1941. Today, the department seeks to understand the fundamental workings of natural systems by examining physical and biological processes occurring across a vast spectrum of time and space, their integrated research requires direct observation as well as modeling, the department thrives on interdisciplinary ventures that open new avenues of exploration. The Department of Mathematics The Department of Physics The MIT School of Engineering is one of the five schools of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, located in Cambridge, United States.

Considered having one of the best engineering programs in the world, the school has 8 academic departments and 1 interdisciplinary division and grants S. B. M. Eng, S. M. an engineer's degree, Ph. D. or Sc. D degrees; the current Dean of Engineering is Professor Subra Suresh. The school is the largest at MIT as measured by undergraduate and graduate enrollments and faculty members; the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics was founded as a program within the Mechanical Engineering department in 1926 and became an independent department in 1939. The Department of Biological Engineering was founded as a division in 1998 and became an independent department in 2005; the Department of Chemical Engineering was founded as a combined course of mechanical engineering and industrial chemistry in 1888 and became an independent department in 1920. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offered classes in civil engineering since MIT's 1865 opening and was subject to repeated mergers with the departments of sanitary engineering and structural engineering before adopting its current name and organization in 1992.

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is the largest department in the School of Engineering. Electrical engineering was taught within the Department of Physics, but a new degree program was offered in 1882, the department became independent in 1902; the Engineering Systems Division is an interdisciplinary division within the School of Engineering drawing on faculty from various engineering departments, as well as the Schools of Management and Science. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering can be traced back to a Department of Geology and Mining established at MIT's 1865 opening which grew to encompass mining and metallurgy until the modern name was adopted in 1974; the Department of Mechanical Engineering was one of the original MIT departments. In 2004, the department adsorbed the Department of Ocean Engineering, now the Center for Ocean Engineering; the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering was established in 1958, making it one of the oldest programs of its kind in the nation.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has 13 departments, department-level programs, faculties granting S. B. S. M. and Ph. D. degrees. The current Dean is Professor of Political Science Melissa Nobles; the School teaches every MIT undergraduate — a total of about 4,500 students, each of whom takes a minimum of 8 humanities and social sciences classes, nearly 25% of their total class time. With 180 faculty members, 337 graduate students, 130 undergraduate majors, 161 undergraduate minors, the school is the fourth largest at MIT. 3 Nobel Laureates, 8 MacArthur Fellows, 5 Pulitzer Prize winners are on the faculty. The Anthropology program The Comparative Media Studies and Writing program The Department of Economics The Global Studies and Languages program The History faculty The Department of Linguistics The Literature faculty The Music program The Department of Philosophy The Department of Political Science The Program in Science and Society The Theatre Arts program The Women's and Gender Studies program The School of Architecture and Planning consists of 2 departments and grants S.

B. S. M. and Ph. D. degre

4709 Ennomos

4709 Ennomos, provisional designation 1988 TU2, is a large Jupiter trojan from the Trojan camp and the namesake of the small Ennomos family 81 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 12 October 1988, by American astronomer Carolyn Shoemaker at the Palomar Observatory in California; the bright and elongated Jovian asteroid belongs to the 40 largest Jupiter trojans and has a rotation period of 12.3 hours. It was named after Ennomus, a Trojan warrior killed by Achilles. Ennomos is a Jovian asteroid orbiting in the trailing Trojan camp at Jupiter's L5 Lagrangian point, 60° behind its orbit in a 1:1 resonance, it orbits the Sun at a distance of 5.1–5.4 AU once every 12 years. Its orbit has an inclination of 25 ° with respect to the ecliptic; the body's observation arc begins with a precovery taken at Palomar in August 1951, more than 37 years prior to its official discovery observation. This Jupiter trojan is the namesake of the Ennomos family, a small Jovian asteroid family with 30 known members.

The family was first identified by Jakub Rozehnal and Miroslav Brož in 2011. It includes 1867 Deiphobus, one of the largest Jovian trojans; as the existence of this family is not well established, Ennomos is still considered part of the Jovian background population by another HCM-analysis. It is speculated that Ennomos might be an unrelated interloper in its own family rather than its parent body; as of 2018, only a few families have been identified among the Jovian asteroids. These are the Hektor family, the Eurybates family, the Arkesilaos family as well as two unnamed families, 006 and 010); this minor planet was named by the discoverer from Greek mythology after the Trojan warrior Ennomus, one of many Trojans killed by Achilles in the waters of the River Skamander. The official naming citation was published by the Minor Planet Center on 28 April 1991. Ennomos is an assumed C-type asteroid, its V–I color index of 0.69 is untypically low compared to most other large Jupiter trojans. In December 1990, a rotational lightcurve of Ennomos was obtained by Italian astronomers Stefano Mottola and Mario Di Martino using the 1.52-meter Loiano Telescope at the Observatory of Bologna in Italy.

Lightcurve analysis gave a well-defined rotation period of 12.275 hours with a high brightness amplitude of 0.47 magnitude, indicative of a non-spherical, elongated shape. Between 2015 and 2017, photometric observations by Daniel Coley and Robert Stephens at the Center for Solar System Studies, gave several concurring periods of 12.267, 12.269 and 12.271 with an amplitude between 0.43 and 0.46 magnitude. This supersedes a period form Stephens taken at the GMARS Observatory in September 2011. According to the surveys carried out by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite IRAS, the Japanese Akari satellite and the NEOWISE mission of NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, Ennomos measures between 80.03 and 91.43 kilometers in diameter and its surface has an albedo between 0.077 and 0.078. The Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link derives an albedo of 0.0972 and a diameter of 81.23 kilometers based on an absolute magnitude of 8.6. Rozehnal and Brož cite a high visual albedo of 0.15 in their publication.

Long-term evolution of asteroid families among Jovian Trojans, Jakub Rozehnal and Miroslav Brož Asteroid Lightcurve Database, query form Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, Google books Discovery Circumstances: Numbered Minor Planets - – Minor Planet Center 4709 Ennomos at AstDyS-2, Asteroids—Dynamic Site Ephemeris · Observation prediction · Orbital info · Proper elements · Observational info 4709 Ennomos at the JPL Small-Body Database Close approach · Discovery · Ephemeris · Orbit diagram · Orbital elements · Physical parameters

Henry Millin

Henry A. Millin was a U. S. Virgin Islander banker and politician. Millin served as the fourth Lieutenant Governor of the United States Virgin Islands from 1978 until 1983. Millin was born on the island of Saint Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands on March 17, 1923, to Allan and Lucinda Sewer Millin. Millin's mother, Lucinda Sewer Millin, was a Senator in the Legislature of the Virgin Islands, she is the namesake of the Lucinda Millin Home for a nursing home on Saint Thomas. In a prior relationship, Millin had a son, Leslie Millin Millin married Angela Correa Irizarry in 1950; the couple had two children -- Henry Orville Millin. Millin married Graciela G. Millin; the couple had two children - Juliette. Millin was employed as an accountant in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U. S. Marine Corps early in his career, he worked as a clerk both the Virgin Islands' Office of the Tax Assessor and the former Police and Prison Department. In 1950, Millin was appointed to the board of directors of the U. S. V. I.

Housing Authority. He become the executive director of the housing authority, holding the position for many years. Millin oversaw the construction of two major housing project complexes, Ludwig E. Harrigan Court on Saint Croix and Oswald Harris Court on Saint Thomas. In the early 1960s, U. S. President John F. Kennedy sent Millin a letter of commendation for his work as the housing authority's executive director. Kennedy recognized Millin for operating one of the best run housing authorities out of the 1,300 in the United States at the time, he worked for The West Indian Company on Saint Thomas before taking a position in the Virgin Islands National Bank in 1965, where he worked in the bank's mortgage department. Millin would be promoted to senior vice president of the Virgin Islands National Bank. By 1978, Millin had become the senior vice president of the First Pennsylvania Bank, which had acquired V. I. National Bank. Governor Cyril King died in office on January 2, 1978. King's lieutenant governor, Juan Francisco Luis, was sworn into office as the next Governor of the U.

S. Virgin Islands on the same day. Luis' elevation to the governor's office left the position of lieutenant governor temporarily vacant until Luis could choose his successor. Governor Luis considered several candidates for Lieutenant Governor of the United States Virgin Islands, including Millin, Edith Bornn, a lawyer from Saint Thomas, Julio Brady. Luis chose Millin for lieutenant governor, as well as his running mate in the 1978 gubernatorial election. Millin was reluctant to accept the appointment, but changed his mind through the persuasion of members from each of the U. S. V. I.'s major political islands. Governor Luis announced Millin's appointment as Lt. Governor on February 21, 1978, in a broadcast on radio and television. Millin was a member of the Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands, while Governor Luis was a member of the Independent Citizens Movement at the time. However, planning to run in the 1978 gubernatorial election, dropped his political affiliation with the ICM to run as an independent, nonpartisan candidate for governor.

Millin's Democratic affiliation was seen as a complement for Luis' candidacy and the nonpartisan coalition he hoped to build. Millin was sworn into office on March 1978, at Government House on Saint Thomas. Governor Juan Luis and Lt. Governor Henry Millin were elected to a full, four-year term November 7, 1978, they defeating Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ron de Lugo by a wide margin in a tough election campaign. Luis and Millin won 10,978 votes, or 59.2%, while the Democratic ticket of Ron de Lugo and Eric Dawson placed second with 7,568 votes, or 40.8% of the total votes cast. Luis and Millin won all three of the main islands, including a landslide victory on Saint Croix. James O'Bryan, Jr. a family friend of Millin's who had just graduated from college, served as the Luis-Millin campaign manager and as Millin's public relations assistant during his term as Lt. Governor. In 1982, Lt. Governor Millin announced his intention to challenge Governor Luis in the gubernatorial election. Luis named Julio Brady as his running mate, though Millin remained lieutenant governor until January 1983.

The 1982 gubernatorial race consisted of five candidates for Governor, including Millin and Luis, seeking re-election. Luis won the election with 11,354 votes. A group of fourteen U. S. Virgin Islands residents filed a lawsuit challenging the results due to the counting of blank ballots, which would have resulted in a runoff election between Luis and Millin, as Luis would have had less than 50% of vote if the blank or incomplete ballots were thrown out. However, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia rejected the lawsuit, eliminating any potential runoff election between Luis and Millon. Millin was succeeded by Julio Brady. Millin opened and operated a real estate appraisal firm after leaving office in 1983, he ran the business until his retirement in the mid-1990s. Millin served as the president of the St. Thomas and Saint John Chamber of Commerce for two consecutive terms, he was a member of the Rotary Club on Saint Thomas. In 2001, the 24th Legislature of the Virgin Islands honored Millin for his contributions to the Virgin Islands Housing Authority.

Henry Millin suffered from declining health during his years. He died on February 4, 2004, at the age of 80