1890 American Cup

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1890 American Cup
Country United States
Teams 13
Champions Fall River Olympics
Runners-up Kearny Rovers
Matches played 11
Goals scored 63 (5.73 per match)

The 1890 American Cup was the sixth edition of the soccer tournament organized by the American Football Association. The Fall River Olympics won their first title becoming the second Fall River team to do so after the Rovers had won the previous two editions.

First round[edit]

Lonsdale v Providence

Fall River Olympics 6–3 Fall River East Ends
County street grounds, Fall River, MA
Attendance: 1000
Referee: Harry Mellor

Olympics: GK Harwood, DF Stewart, Lee, MF Leigh, Burgess, Whittaker, FW Clarkson, Finlow, Randall, Taylor, Ingham. EastEnds: GK Marshall, DF Atley, Stanton, MF Sharrocks, Mercer, Foley, FW Tobin, Farnell, Taylor, Sunderland, Snape.

Fall River Rovers 4–1 Pawtucket Free Wanderers
39' H.Stewart(og)

Rovers: GK Shea, DF Bradley, Lonsdale, MF Adams, Waring, Buckley, FW Bell, Blakeley, Wilde, Duff, Connell. Pawtucket: GK Hardy, DF Harry Stewart, Love, MF Smith, Devanney, Lennox, FW Sandiland, Jeffrey, Murray, Mularkey, Graham.

Caledonian 1-15 Thistle
ONT grounds, Kearny, NJ

Brooklyn Longfellows 3-2 ONT
Ridgewood baseball grounds
Referee: A.Smedley

Longfellows: GK M.Gorvin, DF T.Fay, T.Masterton, MF T.Pope, T.Court, R.Neave, FW J.Green, J.McConnell, T.Brockington, C.Gorvin, J.Lennon. ONT: GK T.Hughes, DF A.Lyon, W.Walker, MF J.Polisher, C.Alsopp, G.Williams, FW C.Bradley, A.Smith, T.Henderson, W.Downs, A.Singleton, L.D.Flynn.

Paterson v Kearny Rovers

Second round[edit]

Kearny Rovers 4-3 Brooklyn Longfellows
ONT grounds, Kearny, NJ
Referee: Patrick Hughes

Rovers: GK J.Howarth, DF H.Holden, Jack Hood, MF T.Cranor, Joe Swithemby, W.Barr, FW John Swithemby, F.Costello, A.Cutler, James Hood, J.Connolly. Longfellows: GK W.Gordon, DF T.Fay, T.Masterson, MF T.Pope, D.Campbell, R.Reaves, FW T.Green, J.Taylor, W.Paul, C.Gorvin, J.Leonard.

Trenton 2-2 Thistles
Trenton, NJ


Pawtucket Free Wanderers 0–4 Fall River Olympics
3' Taylor
33' Clarkson(Taylor)
53' Slater
61' Ingham
Dexter street grounds, Pawtucket, RI
Attendance: 3000
Referee: Walker

Olympics: GK Cornell, DF Harwood, Jack Stuart, MF Burgess, Pilling, Whittaker, FW Clarkson, Finlan, Taylor, Slater, Hingham. Pawtucket: GK J.Shea, DF Love, Harry Stuart, MF Devanney, Smith, Finn, FW Sanderlands, Jeffrey, Murray, Mullarkey, Graham.

Kearny Rovers 5-1 Trenton
Jack Swithemby
Jimmy Hood
ONT grounds, Kearny, NJ
Attendance: 600

Kearny: GK Cutler, DF Holden, John Hood, MF Crans, Joe Swithemby, Howarth, FW McNabb, Jack Swithemby, Barr, Connelly, James Hood. Trenton: GK W.Bradshaw, DF Almon, Rhodes, MF James, Irwin, Cooper, FW Ward, J.Bradshaw, Heaton, Carthege, Byat.


Fall River Olympics 4–3 Kearny Rovers
4' Ingham(Clarkson)
29' Pilling
Dexter street grounds, Pawtucket, RI
Attendance: 5000
Referee: Turner

Olympics: GK Connell, DF Harwood, Stewart, MF Burgess, Pilling, Whittaker, FW Clarkson, Finlan, Taylor, Slater, Ingham. Rovers: GK Cutler, DF Holden, Hood, MF Swithemby, Howarth, Crawn, FW Wood, J.Swithemby, Connelly, J.Hood, Barr, Jameson.


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