1890 Wimbledon Championships – Ladies' Singles

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Ladies' Singles
1890 Wimbledon Championships
Champion United Kingdom Lena Rice
Runner-up United Kingdom May Jacks
Final score 6–4, 6–1
Draw 4
Singles men women
Doubles men women
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Lena Rice defeated May Jacks 6–4, 6–1 in the All Comers' Final to win the Ladies' Singles tennis title at the 1889 Wimbledon Championships.[1] The reigning champion Blanche Hillyard did not defend her title. Despite previous draws there were only four competitors in the tournament, the smallest entry ever for any competition at Wimbledon.



All Comers'[edit]

Semifinals Final
United Kingdom May Jacks 6 7
United Kingdom Edith Cole 4 5
United Kingdom Lena Rice 6 6
United Kingdom May Jacks 4 1
United Kingdom Lena Rice 7 6
United Kingdom Mary Steedman 5 2


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  • [1] Source for the draw at Wimbledon.com