1890s in Zimbabwe

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  • 22 June – Kopje Fort is completed at Salisbury.
  • 29 October – The Rhodesia Herald commences publication.


  • 18 July – Matabele impi enter Victoria and attack the Mashona
  • 2 October – Lobengula's impis attack patrols of the British South Africa company
  • 3 October – War on the Matabele is authorised – First Matabele War
  • 8 October – 22 January 1894 – Andrew Duncan becomes acting administrator for Leander Starr Jameson
  • 4 November – British forces occupy the site of Bulawayo. This marks the effective occupation of Matabeleland by British settlers
  • 3 December – British forces, in search of King Lobengula, suffer a humiliating defeat near the Shangani river. The incident becomes known as the Shangani Patrol. The remains of the 34 Patrol members killed on that day were eventually interred next to the bodies of Cecil Rhodes and Leander Starr Jameson at World's View in the Matobo Hills. The American scout, Frederick Russell Burnham, is one of only three survivors of the Patrol.


  • Spring – Matabele King Lobengula dies of unknown causes. His death is kept a secret from the British for many months.
  • 23 January – Mashonaland and Matabeleland protectorates merge to form South Zambesia
    • Andrew Duncan is made the acting Chief magistrate of South Zambesia
  • May – Leander Starr Jameson is elected Chief magistrate of South Zambesia
  • 9 September – Leander Jameson becomes the Administrator of the South Zambesia Protectorate
  • 28 October – 1 April 1895 – Francis Rhodes stands in for Leander Jameson as acting Administrator of the South Zambesia Protectorate




  • January – Final determination of the boundary between Rhodesia and Portuguese possessions to the east
  • 24 July – William Henry Milton becomes the 3rd Administrator of Mashonaland and Administrator of the Rhodesia Protectorate
  • 26 October – The municipalities of Salisbury and Bulawayo are formally created.
  • 27 October – The Mashona are defeated by the British South Africa Company thus ending the First Chimurenga.


  • Rhodesia south of the Zambezi is renamed the Colony of Southern Rhodesia


  • An Order in Council grants Southern Rhodesia a part-elected Legislative council.
  • 17 April: Polling day in the first Legislative Council election.
  • 15 May: First session of the Legislative Council.