1891 European Figure Skating Championships

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1891 European Figure Skating Championships
Type: ISU Championship
Date: January 23 – January 24
Season: 1891
Location: Germany Hamburg
Men's singles:
Germany Oskar Uhlig
1892 European Figure Skating Championships

The European Figure Skating Championships is an annual figure skating competition in which elite figure skaters compete for the title of European Champion.

The 1891 Championships were held on January 23rd and 24th. These were the first European Figure Skating Championships ever.

The skating association of Germany and Austria joined in one club "Deutscher und Österrreichischer Eislaufverband" organised these first European Championships in figure skating in Hamburg, Germany, German Empire in 1891 even before the International Skating Union (ISU) was found.

Skaters competed only in the categories of men's singles.[1] The competitors performed only compulsory figures.



Rank Name Nation Fact. Places
1 Oskar Uhlig  Germany 146.6/9
2 Anon Schmitson  Germany 114.7/9
3 Franz Zilly  Germany 101.2/9
4 Josef Nowy  Austria 88.5/9
5 Willi Dienstl  Austria 79.4/9
6 Fritz Ahrendt  Germany 50.
7 Wilhelm Schulze  Germany 28.8/9


  • Result list provided by the ISU