1892 French Rugby Union Championship

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1892 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries France
Champions Racing Club de France
Runners-up Stade Français

French Rugby Championship 1892. On 20 March 1892 the USFSA organised the first ever French rugby union championship, a one off game between Racing Club de France and Stade Français. The game was refereed by Pierre de Coubertin and saw Racing win 4–3.[1] Racing were awarded the Bouclier de Brennus, which is still awarded to the winners of the French championship today, the trophy was the idea of de Coubertin and who commissioned Charles Brennus, a member of the USFSA and a professional engraver, to design it.


’‘‘Teams’’’ Racing club de FranceStade Français
Score 4 – 3 (0–3)
Date 20 March 1892
‘‘‘Venue’’’ Bagatelle
‘‘‘attendance:’’’ 2000
’‘‘Referee’’’ Pierre de Coubertin
Racing Club de France James Thorndike, Georges Duchamps, Ferdinand Wiet, Carlos Gonzalez de Candamo (cap.), Gaspar Gonzalez de Candamo, Frantz Reichel, Maurice Ravidat, Henri Moitessier, Adolphe de Pallissaux, C. d'Este, Alexandre Sienkiewicz, Paul Blanchet, René Cavally, Charles Thorndike, L. Pujol.
Stade Français L. Venot, Munier, Adrien Pauly, Pierre de Pourtalès, Pierre Dobree, Henri Amand, Albert de Joannis, Courtney Heywood (cap.), Félix Herbet, Frédéric Frank-Puaux, W. Braddon, Louis Dedet, Edouard Bourcier Saint-Chaffray, Pierre Garcet de Vauresmont, Paul Dedet.
Racing Club de France 1 try Pallissaux (1 point), 1 conversion Gaspar de Candamo (2 points), 1 « tenu en but » Reichel (1 point)
Stade Français 1 try Louis Dedet, 1 conversion Dobree

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