1892 Pittsburgh Athletic Club football season

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1892 Pittsburgh Athletic Club season
Head coach William Kirschner
Home field East Liberty Park
Record 3-3-1
Division place No divisions
Playoff finish No playoffs

The 1892 Pittsburgh Athletic Club football season was their second season in existence. The team finished with a record of 3-3-1. This season also marked the first recorded accounts of professional players being used in American football.


Game Date Opponent Result
1 October 1, 1892 Western University of Pennsylvania W 16-0
2 October 8, 1892 Greensburg Athletic Association W 28-0
- October 15, 1892 Opponent did not show[1]
3 October 21, 1892 Allegheny Athletic Association[2] T 6-6
4 October 22, 1892 Geneva College W 18-6
5 November 5, 1892 Penn State Nittany Lions L 20-0
6 November 12, 1892 at Allegheny Athletic Association[3] L 4-0
7 November 26, 1895 Lehigh Mountain Hawks[4] L 21-0

Game notes[edit]

  1. ^ Intersquad scrimmage occurred after the Johnstown Athletic Club failed to show. Pittsburgh's first string defeated the secodbn string, 42-9.
  2. ^ Allegations of professionalism, as A.C. Read, the captain of the Penn State football team, was caught playing in this game for Pittsburgh.
  3. ^ Pudge Heffelfinger played for Allegheny in this game for $500. This made him the first known recorded professional football player.
  4. ^ Thanksgiving Day game


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