1892 Recreo earthquake

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1892 Recreo earthquake
1892 Recreo earthquake is located in Argentina
1892 Recreo earthquake
Local date March 21, 1892 (1892-03-21)
Magnitude 6.0 (est.)
Depth 30
Epicenter 29°30′S 65°00′W / 29.5°S 65.0°W / -29.5; -65.0Coordinates: 29°30′S 65°00′W / 29.5°S 65.0°W / -29.5; -65.0
Areas affected Argentina, Catamarca Province
Max. intensity VII
Casualties some

The 1892 Recreo earthquake took place in the Catamarca Province of Argentina on 21 March at about 01:45 AM, with magnitude of 6.0 on the Richter magnitude scale. Its epicenter was located approximately at 29°30′S 65°0′W / 29.500°S 65.000°W / -29.500; -65.000, and at a depth of about 30 kilometres (19 mi).

The earthquake had a maximum felt intensity of VII on the Mercalli intensity scale, it caused some fatalities and serious structural damage in the town of Recreo.

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