1892 in basketball

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The following are the basketball events of the year 1892 throughout the world.


  • January 15 – James Naismith's rules for basketball are published for the first time in the Springfield YMCA International Training School's newspaper, in an article titled "A New Game."
  • January 20 – The first official basketball game is played in the YMCA gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts.[citation needed][dubious ]
  • March 11 – First basketball game played in public, between students and faculty at the Springfield YMCA.[1] The final score was 5–1 in favor of the students, with the only goal for the faculty being scored by Amos Alonzo Stagg.[1] A crowd of 200 spectators watched the game.[1]
  • June 1 – Senda Berenson appointed athletic director at Smith College.



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