1894 Atalanti earthquakes

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1894 Atalanti earthquakes
1894 Atalanti earthquakes is located in Greece
1894 Atalanti earthquakes
UTC time Doublet earthquake:    
  1894-04-20 15:52
  1894-04-27 19:42
Local date 20 April 1894 (1894-04-20)
27 April 1894 (1894-04-27)
  6.7 Mw
  6.9 Mw
Depth 10 km (6.2 mi)
Epicenter 38°39′N 23°05′E / 38.65°N 23.08°E / 38.65; 23.08Coordinates: 38°39′N 23°05′E / 38.65°N 23.08°E / 38.65; 23.08
Areas affected Greece, Locris
Casualties 255

The first of the 1894 Atalanti earthquakes occurred at on 20 April 1894 at 16:52 UTC, with a magnitude of 6.4 on the moment magnitude scale and a maximum perceived intensity of X on the Mercalli intensity scale. It was followed seven days later on 27 April at 19:42 UTC by the second, with a magnitude of 6.9 and a maximum intensity of X. These two earthquakes caused widespread damage in the Locris area, causing a total of 255 deaths.[1] More literature on these destructive events can be seen in the references section.

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