1897–98 Swiss Serie A

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The first Swiss football championship was held 1897–98. The championship was not organized by the Swiss Football Association (SFA; founded in 1895) and is therefore considered as unofficial. Only four of the clubs competing were members of the SFA; FC Château de Lancy, Grasshopper Club Zürich, Neuchâtel FC and La Villa Ouchy).[1] The series A was divided into three regional groups, group A in the north, group B the district around Lausanne and group C district of Genève). The winner of each group qualified for the finals.

The regulations to the run of play in second and third divisions (series B and C) remain unknown. The following are the statistics to the first Swiss national football (soccer) competition (later Swiss Super League).

Group A[edit]

Club Score Club
Grasshopper Club Zürich 7-2 FC Zürich

Group B[edit]

Club Score Club
Villa Longchamp Lausanne 1-0 FC Yverdon
Lausanne Football and Cricket Club 4-0 Maison Neuve Vevey
Lausanne Football and Cricket Club 5-2 Villa d'Ouchy (Lausanne)
Villa Longchamp Lausanne 1-0 Lausanne FC et CC

Group C[edit]

Club Score Club
Le Château de Lancy 4-0 Racing Club de Geneve
La Châtelaine Genève 9-2 Le Château de Lancy


Club Score Club
Grasshopper Club Zürich 6-1 Villa Longchamp Lausanne
Grasshopper Club Zürich 2-0 La Châtelaine Genève

Grasshopper Club Zürich won the championship.


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