1899–1900 French Rugby Union Championship

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1899–1900 French Rugby Union Championship
Countries  France
Champions Racing Club de France
Runners-up SBUC

The 1899-00 French Rugby Union Championship was won by Racing club de France that defeated SBUC in the final.

The winner of the tournament of province was SBUC that won the champnship of Garonne, after the F.C. Lyon refused to participate at the final stage. Stade Bordelais beat S.O.E. Toulouse that leave the field contesting the hard play of their opponents.

Teams participating[edit]

Was the eight winner of regional championships .

  • Paris: Racing Club de France
  • North-West': Le Havre Athletic Club
  • Centre-West: Vélo Sport Chartrain
  • South West: F.C. Lyon
  • Alps  : Stade grenoblois
  • South: Stade Olympien des Étudiants de Toulouse
  • South-West  : Stade Bordelais Université Club
  • Littoral : Olympique de Marseille.[1]

Table of results[edit]

First round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 FC Lyon  11
  Stade grenoblois  0  
 FC Lyon  5
   Olympique de Marseille  4  
 FC Lyon  forf.
   Racing club de France    
 Racing club de France  31
   Le Havre AC  11  
 Le Havre AC  
22 April – Levallois-Perret
  Vélo Sport Chartrain   forf.  
 Racing club de France  37
   Stade Bordelais  3
3 June – Rome
 Stade Bordelais  
   SOE Toulouse     Third place


Teams Racing club de FranceSBUC
Score 37–3
Date 22 April 1900
Venue Levallois-Perret
Referee Camille Berthommé
Racing Club de France Alexandre Pharamond, Goudard, Cyril Rutherford, Jean Collas, Frantz Reichel, Charles Gondouin, Léon Binoche, Paul Muret, Wladimir Aïtoff, André Roosevelt, Hubert Lefèbvre, Emile Sarrade, Etienne Lesage, Bell, R. Erzbischoff
SBUC Jean Guiraut, Pascal Laporte, W.C. Campbell, Campbell Cartwright, Louis Soulé, Mazières, Paul Lauga, Carlos, Charles Lauga, Carlos Deltour, Pierre Terrigi, Henri Houssemont, Marcel Laffitte, Georges Marx, Williamson. Prelacement : Roger Saint-Bonnet
Racing Club de France 9 tries Bondouin (3), Sarrade (2), Lesage, Rutherford, Goudard, Reichel,
5 conversions by Rutherford
SBUC 1 try by Laporte

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