18th & California and 18th & Stout stations

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18th & California
18th & Stout
TheRide light rail station
Location 1776 California Street
1816 Stout Street
Denver, Colorado
Coordinates 39°44′51″N 104°59′25″W / 39.747369°N 104.990208°W / 39.747369; -104.990208Coordinates: 39°44′51″N 104°59′25″W / 39.747369°N 104.990208°W / 39.747369; -104.990208
Owned by Regional Transportation District
  D Line
  F Line
  H Line
  L Line
Platforms 1 side platform at each
Tracks 1 at each
Connections TheRide buses
Structure type both at-grade
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Fare zone A
Opened October 8, 1994
Passengers (2014) 8,957 (avg weekday)[1] (combined) Increase 42.5%
Rank 5 out of 44[1] (combined)
Preceding station   RTD   Following station
Terminus D Line
F Line
toward Lincoln
H Line
toward Florida
L Line

18th & California station and 18th & Stout station are a pair of RTD light rail stations in Downtown Denver, Colorado, United States. Operating as part of the D, F, H, and L lines, the stations were opened on October 8, 1994, and are operated by the Regional Transportation District.[2][3] These stations have one track each, and are one city block apart.[4] 18th & California is served only by northbound trains and 18th & Stout is served only by southbound trains.[4] This is a transfer point for any passenger traveling to stops north of this station along Welton Street towards the 30th & Downing station. The L Line serves these stops.



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