18th Agon Cup

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The 18th Agon Cup began on 21 April 2011-1 October 2011. Two Korean amateur players were invited to the preliminaries, with both qualifying. Ha Sungbong defeated professionals Yanigasawa Satoshi and Furuya Yutaka. Kim Sungjin defeated 25th Honinbo and Japan's top title holder Cho Chikun. He also defeated Kato Atsushi; in the main tournament, he was knocked out by Iyama Yuta Meijin in the first round.[1] Iyama Yuta came out as the winner, he beat Yamashita Keigo at the final.[2] The winner's prize was ¥10,000,000.[3]


Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
23 June            
 Mizokami Tomochika  
25 July
 Ha Sungbong (A)  B+R  
 Ha Sungbong  
4 July
   Yamashita Keigo  W+R  
 Takao Shinji  
25 August
 Yamashita Keigo  W+R  
 Yamashita Keigo  B+R
23 June
   Kim Shushun    
 Cho U  B+1.5
14 July
 Shida Tatsuya    
 Cho U  
16 June
   Kim Shushun  B+R  
 Kim Shushun  B+R
1 October
 Nakano Hironari    
 Yamashita Keigo  
23 June
   Iyama Yuta  B+R
 Ryu Shikun  
21 July
 Yamada Kimio  W+R  
 Yamada Kimio  W+R
30 June
   O Meien    
 O Meien  B+0.5
4 August
 Sakai Hideyuki    
 Yamada Kimio  
2 June
   Iyama Yuta  B+R  
 Iyama Yuta  B+R
18 July
 Kim Sungjin (A)    
 Iyama Yuta  B+0.5
9 June
   Yuki Satoshi    
 Cho Sonjin  
 Yuki Satoshi  W+1.5  


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